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Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak visited Cerna companies Nexus Ltd and Multinorm Ltd, winners of support from the Operational Program of Regional Aid for Investment in Equipment, in 2014.

The company Nexus Ltd is engaged in machining metal, the production of components for welding, and production of tools and devices that are used in mechanical engineering and the automotive industry. The funds provided for the Operational Program of Regional Aid for Investment in Equipment for 2014 in the amount of about 1.9 million HRK are invested in the purchase of new machinery to modernize the processing of metals, and to increase production capacity by nearly 17 percent and also to increase the number of employees.

The company Multinorm Ltd is engaged in the design and construction of tools and devices for the automotive industry. The objective of the investment funds provided in the amount of about 1.8 million is automation and modernization of the production process by purchasing new machinery which will result in increased production capacity.

Minister Vrdoljak said that the main objective of granting aid is an increase in gross value added, increasing the number of employees as a result of investments, and increase of exports in total revenues.

These investments will ensure greater impact on company performance and increase their competitiveness in the market. Almost all of the products of these companies are sold on the European market, and some of the major end-customers include companies such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

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