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%nbsp; Prototyping

Together with our clients we develop an appropriate and economic solution.

We manufacture your prototype or small series on modern 3- and 5-axis CNC machining centres as well as CNC wire EDMs and sinker SEDMs with workpiece dimensions of up to 3500 x 1500 x 900 mm.

We also manufacture small series on demand, where a small and mostly exclusive edition would not justify the cost of an elaborate mass production mould.

%nbsp; Manufacturing

Our experience with high-precision production technologies and complex components ensure a top quality and complete production of various components.

Furthermore, because of our short decision-making process we can begin working on assignments relatively quickly. Our customers can always rely on us and our assignments are always finished timely.

Every week we have:

  • 2000 hours of machining
  • 650 hours of assembly
  • 150 hours of heat treatment and burnishing
  • 180 hours of calibration with the 3D FARO measuring arm

Case hardening:

  • Case hardening
  • hardening
  • Plasma and gas nitriding
  • Relax

Surface treatment:

  • Coloring
  • Browning
%nbsp; Design

Our design team adjust themselves to the individual demands of our customers. Our projects are made according to customer and CAD standards.

We have a lot of experience in designing tools for projection and spot welding as well as general manufacturing equipment for car bodies and assembly.

Your design assignment will of course be handed in timely and reliably.

We create:

  • Drafts
  • Layouts
  • Manufacturing equipment designs
  • Simulations
  • 3D elaborations
  • 2D elaborations
  • All accompanying documentation

CAD software:

  • CATIA V5 R29 – BMW Enviroment
  • CATIA V5-6 R2018 – AUDI/VW Enviroment
  • ProcessSimulate – Tecnomatix 13.1
  • FEM-Tool – CATIA
%nbsp; Programming

Programs that are running on the machines are written externally in a suit programming.

We use the the latest software:

  • Solid CAM – SP3 HF3
  • Hypermill – 2021.2
  • ThinkDesign – 2020.1

We are able to make even the most demanding position in accordance with the ability of machines.

%nbsp; Assembly

Our assembly department is assembling components and products that we make ourselves, and installation services.

We offer services of installation of pneumatic and electrical components.

Calibration is an integral part of the assembly who work with 3D measuring arm FARO and we are able to deliver to its customers and measuring protocol with the product.

Weekly installation capacities are 450 hours.

%nbsp; Our machinery






CNC Milling Machine
1DECKEL MAHO FP 3 - 50Dialog 12500400400
1DECKEL MAHO FP 4 - 60TDialog 12600500450
1DECKEL MAHO FP 4 - 60TDialog 126005004504-axis turntable
1DECKEL MAHO DMU 50 EVOLUTIONHeidenhain TNC 4265004203805-axis simultaneous
1DECKEL MAHO DMC 70VHeidenhain TNC 426700550500Pallete
1DECKEL MAHO FP42NCHeidenhain TNC 4261170500370
1MAHO MH 500 CNCT 201500400300
1MIKRON UMS 600 - HSHeidenhain TNC 410600500450
1MIKRON UM 600Heidenhain TNC 426700550450
1MIKRON UME 900Heidenhain TNC 407900630500
1QUASER MV 154PLHeidenhain iTNC 5301020500500
1QUASER MV 154PLHeidenhain iTNC 5301010489500
1QUASER MV 154 PHeidenhain iTNC 530700450500
1QUASER UX 600Heidenhain iTNC 5308858005005-axis simultaneous
1QUASER MV 234PHeidenhain TNC 6402040762661
1HERMLE B300UHeidenhain iTNC 5308006005005-axis simultaneous
1HERMLE C400UHeidenhain iTNC 5308006005005-axis simultaneous
1HERMLE C400UHeidenhain TNC 6408006005005-axis simultaneous
1HERMLE C400UHeidenhain TNC 530850700500
1HERMLE C400UHeidenhain TNC 640850700500
1HERMLE C32UHeidenhain TNC 6406506505005-axis simultaneous
1HERMLE C52UHeidenhain TNC 640100011007505-axis simultaneous
1INGERSOLL BOHLEHeidenhain iTNC 530400020001200
CNC Turning Machines
1SCHAUBLIN 102N100200
Grinding Machine
1JAKOBSEN 1432800400650
1JUNG HF 50 RD500200285
Measuring Equipment
1FARO EDGE 3,7MCoordinate measuring machine with 3D laser scanner
1FARO EDGE 2,7MCoordinate measuring machine with 3D laser scanner
1NIKON ALTERA 8.7.6Coordinate measuring machine with 3D laser scanner
Engraving Systems
1PrintoLux-FB-20/400-STONEPrintoLux Software210320Material thicknesses up to 20mm
1Fybra II - 21WEuGenius Software110110290Metal, plastic, wood